Last Discipleship Training Class


Sunday - 8:45 am Bible Fellowship groups / 10:00 AM Worship Service

November 09, 2018

6:00 PM

155 Dunlap Drive Christiansburg, VA 24073

Anyone is welcome to join in the Discipleship Training facilitated by Joanne Bolding Price. The training will reinforce our call from Jesus to go into all the world and share the gospel with others. We meet on Mondays and Fridays at 6 pm downstairs in the Worship Center. The Bible is our Source of Study. Some of the general topics are: 1) Laying the discipleship foundation, 2) Knowing Jesus better than any man on earth, 3) Applying the Word in every situation, 4) Gifts of the Spirit and discipleship, 5) Walking in the steps with Jesus - everyday living and 6) The Power of the Cross. November 9th will be the final class. As disciples are trained classes will be offered in various topics for people to choose from.