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The Soul Winner

1. The Soul Winner’s going
The Lost are never told to go to church. The Church is repeatedly told to go out and bring them in.’
“Go” – as you are going.
2. The Soul Winner’s weeping
This is about having compassion on lost people. We need a burden! How long has it been since you shed tears for a lost person? The greatest compliment ever paid to Jesus was that he was called: “Friend of Sinners”
3. The Soul Winner’s sowing
What is the seed? It is the Word of God!
It is not our Job to analyze/judge the soil… but to sow seed int to it.
It is not for us to decide who WILL or WON’t say Yes! We are to invite everyone.
4. The Soul Winner’s reaping
With very rare exception, I would say that we aren’t doing what we’ve talked about today… because out text says if we were we would DOUBTLESS produce fruit.
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