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But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth.” Acts 1:8

God has called every believer to be on mission with Him. His mission for every believer, according to Acts 1:8, is to be witnesses of Christ unto all the world.

Mission 188 is God’s role for Good Shepherd in obeying Acts 1:8 over the next several years. Mission 188 is bold and cannot be accomplished apart from the power of God. We want to keep it in prayer continuously, in our personal prayer times and corporately. We should understand it, support it and work together toward it. It is biblical and puts into practice God’s clear calling. Mission 188 must be carried by all in our church body:

1 – 1000 souls that will be reached in our “Jerusalem”, or the New River Valley. Our area is filled with people who are in need of salvation. Only God saves, but there are two ways that God can use us, two keys in reaching this goal: Every believer must be a witness. Pastors, leaders and teachers should exemplify this, and our members should learn how to witness and make witnessing a practice. Go and reach the lost! Every believer should invite God’s power in prayer. In Acts 1:8, it wasn’t until the disciples were gathered together in prayer that the Holy Spirit came and empowered them.

8 – Eight  church plants in “Judea/Samaria”. The mission to go into all the world, to advance the gospel, was given to the church. As a church body, we have given “support” for missions in our region in the past, but our hearts should be burdened far beyond that. God can use us to plant churches outside our immediate community. In the book of Acts, Paul didn’t just share the gospel, reach converts, and leave. In every case, he planted a church. This should be our goal as well. Two keys in reaching this goal: Believers should become disciples. We must be developing effective followers of Jesus Christ. God will raise some of these and call them out to plant churches. We must pray for God’s leading for both the planters and the communities where He is leading us to advance the gospel.

8 – Eight people groups in the “uttermost parts of the earth” that we adopt in prayer, give financial support to, and focus our mission towards. Whether these groups are new to us or some we already know, God will lead us to be more intimately involved in reaching people in places around the world. Two ways we can reach further and attain this goal: Believers should heed the call of God toward missions. Whether to give or to go, we should be obedient to what God has for us. We can come alongside those who are ministering and we can grow in our own training to be “on mission” ourselves. We can give of ourselves in faithful prayer for people groups who have not heard or known the Lord. We must lift up missionaries and their prayer needs and give encouragement to God’s servants.

Mission 188 is something that will stretch and challenge our church in ways we’ve never known. Pray about your involvement and Join In!


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